EMARRA is a debuting artist from Edmonton, AB. Her powerful, melodic voice juxtaposes her petite physique and timid personality. Her ability to write and perform is emotionally captivating.

EMARRA’s songs explore the darkest of human emotions and issues of young naive love, manipulation, societal pressures and mental health.  She hopes to create conversation with her revealing, poetic lyrics and be a support to listeners with relatable issues.

EMARRA’s shows are passionate, heartfelt, feel good, and captivating. Live, her music stands out as honest and ambitious. The only way to understand her complex character is to see her live, as she seamlessly switches from softly spoken, innocent banter to powerful, raw, and emotional self-written lyrics.

EMARRA’s brand new releases “Out of Mind” and “Too Much” are available on all digital platforms, and she has more to come this fall.